High Payoff Hiring System

How to Interview and Hire

High Performing Candidates for Your Company

You'll learn how to:

  • Reduce costs in recruiting and hiring

  • Use a weighted key criteria checklist

  • Source for candidates

  • Be organized for the hiring process

  • Use the 4 most important parts to an interview

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What You Will Receive . . .

  • The Masterclass

  • Workbook

  • Sample of a weighted key criteria checklist

  • Information gathering questions to help you not only get fundamental information but behavioral information

  • What to include in a job file

  • BONUS: Interview Guide

  • BONUS: Access to the P60 Assessment

  • BONUS: Access to the I.Q Assessment

  • BONUS: Access to the Math or Spelling Assessment

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The cost of not taking action… is to continue the same hiring process with continual turnover, low retention, and high cost.

Act today and you’ll save thousands of dollars in not only your hiring process but continual turnover.

A weak hiring process can cost a business a great deal in lost productivity, revenue-generating and revenue-impact positions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here’s the truth…In today’s economy you must be fully prepared to hire the right people. People are the organization’s most important investment and you cannot afford to hire the wrong people. There is certainly a large business opportunity cost associated with not hiring a top-quality candidate. 

Time is of the essence. Here’s why…Exceptional people are hard to find, but they do exist. Those organizations with qualified and dependable employees will flourish and those without will lag behind. The approach you take to hiring can lead to a high payoff within your business. Every hour that hiring managers spend on recruiting and hiring is an hour that they can’t spend on normal business responsibilities. It will help the business if you can produce high-performing hires without excessively using up the time of hiring managers. Having a well developed action plan such as this process will provide the solution.

Facts . . .

  • Average cost to fill positions for management level the length of time is 7 months at a cost of $30,000.

  • Average cost to fill positions of 3 or more years experience takes 6 months at $19,000.

  • Average cost to fill entry level positions the length of time is 3.5 months at a cost of $9500.

  • Average turnover rate in the US is 44.3% and has been increasing since 2014. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

  • Average cost per hire is $4129 with average time of 42 days

  • The Predictive Index (TPI) revealed in a recent study that 47% of high-performing employees left their company last year. Executives in the same study reported that 51% of the replacement employees were not good hires.

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"The professional events that I partnered with Dawn were amazing! She holds a wealth of knowledge in the HR field and communicates the information so precise. Her passion for ensuring that policies and procedures are efficiently presented reflect in her voice. Modlin Business Solutions is definitely a valuable resource for any small business owner."

Damon Prince | CASA Program Director
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  • 4 Module Course (Value $297)

  • Workbook with self application work plan (Value $57)

  • Bonus#1: High Payoff Hiring White Paper (Value $27)

  • Bonus #2:  I.Q. Assessment, exercises, example stories (Value $97)

  • Bonus #3: High Payoff Hiring Checklist (Value $47)

  • Bonus #4 Interview template (Value $47)

that’s a total value of $572 for only $297 $97

Things to think about . . . 

What are the prevailing challenges with your current hiring process?

Retention issues, absenteeism, sluggish productivity, employee engagement. 


How are people trying to currently solve the problem?

Using external companies, recruiters, or temp agencies who just want to get warm bodies to fill positions.

Why doesn’t it work? What’s wrong with that strategy?

Not using a “stay interview” strategy that is proactive and discovers what motivates candidates or identifies triggers that would lead them to want to leave. 


Unlike recruiters/hiring agencies that send you the best person on paper, this solution works because it gives you an easy, organized process that can be implemented immediately to hire highly engaged and high performing employees.


  • Imagine dramatically reducing the time and cost to hiring 

  • Imagine reducing the turnover rate of hiring new employees 

  • Imagine never having to dread the hiring process again

About Me

Dawn has over 25 years of experience working in both small and large businesses as well as the nonprofit sector. ​

She has worked for large companies such as Academy Sports & Outdoors, Wham-O, Mattel, and Averitt Express.


She was the Executive Director of a United Way in the state of Indiana.


She has also worked for private business owners as small as a one person shop to up to 20 employees.


Her skills in human resources and training have been used in a variety of settings

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